Passion for Precision: a look into the working world of Lufft


Since the beginning of our existence, we have been trying to understand and explain the world around us. We want to be able to understand and interpret it in order to adapt to the various changes. The weather in particular has always held a certain fascination for people. The first weather observations were made as early as ancient times by Aristotle. However, up until the middle ages, meteorology still only consisted of simple observations and ancient proverbs about the weather. They could only be reported and described; they were not concrete and therefore imprecise and thus could not be measured. In 1592, Galileo Galilei invented the thermometer and his student, Evangelista Torricelli, invented the barometer in 1643. These inventions caused considerable advancement in recording the weather. The introduction of what were called weather balloons also made collecting data possible for the first time. Soon a network of observation stations was constructed worldwide to collect data simultaneously. The difficulty back then was that an unbelievably long journey was necessary to be able to collate the results, as people had to rely on boats and ships in this era. Today, we are much further advanced thanks to technological progress. Due to the latest technical measuring equipment and constant research, it is possible for us to measure the weather, the temperature, the air pressure or any other environmental measurements at any location and at any time.

Companies such as Lufft make it possible to carry out data measuring comprehensively, precisely, and with the latest modern technology. Since 1881, the Fellbacher company has been producing and developing all sorts of measurement and control sensors. The devices by G. Lufft are used everywhere where temperature, air pressure, or other environmental measurements must be determined. Over the last few decades, these developments began to be used in numerous operational areas such as agriculture, meteorology, renewable energy, and the pharmaceutical industry. A whole team of Lufft employees are behind this with the task of developing and producing the best sensors worldwide every day. But what does the work in this tradition-steeped century old company look like? Lufft is now giving you a first look into the work method and working environment with its current corporate video.


This video describes what customers have been appreciating for more than 130 years: the passion for precision. At the beginning of 2013, the offices at the company were completely redesigned and now convey a new, modern and contemporary era. The new spaciousness creates the basis for a productive environment, in which employees and customers feel comfortable. The worldwide network of the most up-to-date video communication enables all teams to talk in the different headquarters in real time and keep each other up-to-date. This method contributes to keeping the quality and innovation of Lufft products at a high level and to continue to develop in the future.

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