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Common Lufft & OTT Hydromet Booth A16 at InterMET Asia

When it comes to meteorology, it’s all about data: Meteorologists depend on reliable weather data in order to create weather forecasts and storm warnings. Without appropriate measurement technologies meeting their demands, they aren’t able to do their jobs. The OTT Hydromet Group supplies exactly these measurement technologies from a single source. On March 21 and 22, 2017 we invite you to our InterMET Asia booth A16, where we exhibit the latest Lufft, OTT Hydromet, Sutron & MeteoStar solutions.

Lufft WS3000, WS3100, WS800, VS20k and MARWIS

We from Lufft will present the latest and so far most precise WMO-compliant all-in-one weather sensor ever: Our exhibition highlight is the first model of the new WS1000 series – WS3000. It measures temperature, relative humidity and air pressure and can be completely dismantled into its individual parts, which is an enormous advantage for their calibration and maintenance. Its well-ventilated housing is made of robust aluminuim to protect it from environmental influences the best. The WS3000 is also available with a second redundant pressure sensor.

The second model of the new WS1000 family, the WS3100, additionally features a high-quality CMP10 radiation sensor from Kipp & Zonen (Secondary Standard).

The new weather sensors measure so accurately, that they ideally can be used as reference sensors in meteorological applications.

Furthermore, we will show the user-friendly WS800 compact weather sensor, the brand new WS100 precipitation sensor and the VS20k visibility sensor, which measures 20 km into the distance. Also, the first mobile weather sensor MARWIS will also be present.

All Lufft sensors are distinguished by the fact that their installation, maintenance and integration into existing measuring networks is as simple as possible – our meteo sensors require only one connection cable.

OTT Hydromet Pluvio²S, Sutron GPRSLink mini Data Logger and MeteoStar Software

From the OTT Hydromet team you will find the innovative & highly versatile Pluvio²S, a top-class precipitation sensor with the highest possible precision on the market. It can be installed in all kinds of environments detecting all precipitation types such as hail, sleet, snow & rain reliably.

Supplemented with Sutron data loggers & MeteoStar software solutions, our customers get all they need to run their own weather stations long-term maintenance-free from one provider.

Of course, InterMET Asia visitors also have the opportunity to discover a complete station, composed of different OTT Hydromet Group products forming a perfect unity. The presented pole-mounted GPRSLink mini station will consist of an autonomous, solar-panel-powered WS800 Lufft compact weather sensor detecting lightning, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation intensity, precipitation quantity as well as solar radiation linked to a Lufft VS20k visibility sensor with a range of twenty kilometers. Its data will be collected in the GPRSLink data logger from Sutron.

The large trade show will take place between March 21 and 22 at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre. So, don’t miss this premiere and discover the new world of meteorology!

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