New MARWIS fixture

Compact, practical, sturdy: the new MARWIS fixture

We proudly present a new fixture for the mobile sensor MARWIS. It’s foolproof, as it’s directly installed on a trailer coupling with a customary, tried and tested fastening mechanism. Thus, it doesn’t require extra tests and certifications.

What was the trigger of this new development?

Many cars have an aluminum chassis, for which the MARWIS magnet bracket doesn’t work. This is why the Lufft R&D team developed an alternative way to attach the mobile sensor to cars and other vehicles. In collaboration with our field staff, they found a new solution for hitches.

What makes this new fixture so convenient?

The result not only is independent from any chassis or tailgate material but also is compact and easy to attach. It does without any magnets or other connecting elements, which could be mounted wrongly.

Also, the risk of falling off due to incorrect installation or dust between magnet and bracket is reduced by this new solution.

Another advantage is the wiring, as the power is directly connected at the hitch’s electricity supply. Thus, the power cable doesn’t have to be laid into the car’s interior through a aperture, e.g. window, in order to reach the cigarette lighter socket.

What happens next?

The fixture shown on the images is the first one to be tested soon. This will be the first long-term field use of this new solution.

Short Video Tutorial

You are also interessted in testing this new product? Please feel free to contact us – we’re happy to help!

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