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Experts meet Experts: BlueClub Partners Meeting

If I had to describe the course of this year’s Lufft Partners Meeting in Fellbach in one sentence, I would probably draw on a statement made by our Slovenian partner:

“The customer talks and we listen – that’s the difference”

For me, this sentence is symbolic of the 4th Lufft BlueClub Partners Meeting in early September with the participation of over 50 representatives from Europe – 30 companies from 20 different countries.

This year, once again, our meeting was a complete success. Why? I would like to illustrate this in more detail.

Lufft Partners Meeting: Market trends, innovations and hands-on training

For two days, we discussed current issues such as the “Internet of Things” and its impact on environmental measuring technology and the proactive maintenance of sensors. It was also the first opportunity for many distributors to meet our new CEO, Dr. Martin Nicklas, in person. Our Development department gave a preview of the many new innovations that are in our bulging development pipeline. Through hands-on training, all partners got a closer look at the new products, such as the reference weather station WS3000 and the visibility sensor VS2k. And last but not least, during a company tour, participants were able to gain an impression of our production facility, which is constantly adapted in line with new requirements.

Experts meet Experts

If you ask me, as the organizer of the Lufft Partners Meeting, what for me was the most important part of this event, I would instantly cite the active exchange and many rounds of discussions between the partners, both among themselves as well as with the Lufft colleagues, which constantly took place during the breaks alongside the talks and presentations. In the process, knowledge was exchanged, the prospects for new products were discussed and, not least, many success stories were reported. Naturally, I would not wish to withhold these from you – so I have mentioned a few examples below:

  • Our partners from Greece and Turkey reported on the great successes in solar monitoring with the different versions of our All-in-One weather sensors.
  • A long-term Czech partner explained how, already today, the proactive maintenance of road weather stations is carried out successfully in his country.
  • Our Swiss partner reported on the promising tests of our new reference weather station WS3000.

It was worth organizing this meeting for every single conversation that took place between our partners and with my Lufft colleagues. As in recent years, this will again generate very many ideas for further development while stimulating access to new markets and, last but not least, cement new business partnerships, which will allow us to make further progress.

On behalf of all my Lufft colleagues, I wish to thank the participants for their active involvement and the excellent exchange of information and ideas.

We will also listen to our customers in the future – that’s a promise!

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