Learning by doing: Lufft weather sensor supports school in Ukraine

Learning by doing: Lufft weather sensor supports school in Ukraine

The Kherson Hydro-Meteorological Technical School educates among others future hydrologists and meteorologists. As learning by doing is the best approach, they use meteorological weather stations to train their students for future tasks. In the following you’ll find out, how we were able to support them with state-of-the-art technology.

About Kherson Hydro-Meteorological Technical School in the Ukraine

The Kherson Hydro-Meteorological Technical School educates prospective meteorologist, hydrologists and marine researchers since October 1945. Over the years more study courses were added in form of operation and maintenance of meteorological measuring systems and applied ecology.

Nine years after the college’s establishment, the oceanographic department was transferred to the Maritime College of Tuapse, Russia.

In 1997 it became part of the Odessa hydro-meteorological Institute (OHMI) and in 2002 it was renamed to Kherson Hydro-Meteorological College and has since then belonged to Odessa State Environmental University.

As practical classes with meteorological measurement technology belongs to the students’ main activities, the university owns some (hydro-)meteorolgical sensor from different manufacturers. “These stations are also used for conducting classes for students from other educational establishments, and for making excursions for pupils from different Kherson and regional schools”, explains the Director of the Kherson Hydrometeorological Technical School Svetlana Kiriyak.

What we were able to contribute

In December last year, we supplied them a WS601-UMB for their test field on which several different sensor types of different technical status are installed. Since then it transfers the professional Lufft weather sensor issuing temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed as well as precipitation transfers the data continuously and automatically to the schools control center. Moreover it serves as derivate on scientific and practical conferences, seminars and other events.

The sponsored sensor completing the universities portfolio for the important hands on training of their students is their first digital model ever. For the meteorological study program it means a major step into the world of the latest technology and serves as a great comparison between the old generations and the new ones.

The old weather stations still work mechanically without possibility to archive the measurement data automatically. They require a lot of manual labor, as the operators need to read out the data directly at the sensor on a regular basis. With the WS601 this all is done automatically by the weather station itself.


In order to show their gratitude for this great support of their studies, the students and their professors sent us a lovely letter of thanks including a photo collage as you can see in the related image.

Also we are happy that were able to support hydro-meteorological students in getting to know the latest technology and to get prepared for their future jobs. Therefore also we would like to thank them for the nice letter on behalf of the whole Lufft team.

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