Lufft delivers road sensors for 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi


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Seven cities applied to host the Winter Olympic Games from Feb. 07 – 23, 2014, but only one could be chosen. The South Korean city of Pyeongchang, Salzburg in Austria and Sochi in Russia. The latter won the most votes. The city of Sochi has 400,000 residents and is located on the Black Sea in the humid subtropical zone of the Caucasus. The region is considered a domain for the wealthy and beautiful and is the most popular travel destination in Russia. Due to the local weather conditions, vegetation with palm trees, citrus plants, waterfalls and lakes is created that is unique in Russia, but also eternal snow and glaciers adorning the mountain peaks. Perhaps that why Sochi is a popular health resort. Even President Putin has a vacation home here. In the city’s coastal region, hot summers and mild winters are common. In the mountains, the landscape is covered in a blanket of snow. The skiing season in the higher altitudes runs from November to the beginning of June. In the winter, there is very little tourism since most vacationers head to warmer destinations. In the history of the the Olympic Games, this is the first time they will be held in a subtropical region. The central arena is in the city of Krasnaja Pojana in the mountains. There will be plenty of snow during the games. In total, there will be 92 competitions. These include sports like curling, speed skating, ski jumping and snowboarding.

The weather at the different sites in Sochi requires precise observation. Thus, Lufft participated in the infrastructure projects in the region. Intelligent road weather information systems were installed to promptly detect and be able to react to weather changes. This is possible with the Lufft road sensor IRS31-UMB. The sensor is installed flush in the roadway and can record environmental measured values such as roadway surface temperature, water film thickness, freezing temperature and the state of the roadway. In addition, different weather stations were commissioned to measure important data such as air temperature and humidity, type and amount of precipitation, wind direction and speed, barometric pressure and visibility in real time. Compact weather stations like the WS600-UMB are especially suitable for these comprehensive measurements. In addition, the station allows for a maintenance-free measurement process. Thus, nothing stands in the way of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi running smoothly.

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