Lufft is the audience favorite at Global Connect Award 2014


Source: Messe Stuttgart

In the evening on November 4th, 2014 we got the audience award at GlobalConnect-Awards during a solemn prize giving ceremony. The award was handed over to Lufft by Dr. Nils Schmid, deputy minister of finance and economy of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It honors mid-size businesses, which are active in foreign countries and record outstanding entrepreneurial accomplishments.

“The whole company is very proud of this award because it honors our international activities. We believe that “made in Germany” will also be a quality attribute in future and this is why we want to fulfill these expectations with our products day by day”, explained Lufft-CEO and industrial engineer Klaus Hirzel after the ceremony.

Impressions from the award ceremony:

Source: Messe Stuttgart

 The GlobalConnect-Award is presented by the same-named fair, which takes place every second year in Stuttgart, in three categories: “Hidden Champion”, “Newcomer” and “Global Player.” 2014 was the first time that the audience award was given to a company. The winner of the designated companies was determined by online voting. Already in August, a seven-person jury chose three nominees of each category. Lufft was nominated in the category “Hidden Champion”.

The GlobalConnect Panel consults with experts of interested companies about questions concerning exports as well as the internationalization and introduces them to the foreign markets. Over 180 experts of foreign economics impart practical knowledge and share their experience with the visitors during the two-day congress.

We want to thank everybody involved!

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