Lufft sensors: Certified and accredited for international use


The measurement instruments of Lufft stand for very high quality, but they must be certified separately for official use in some countries. The standards in the various countries are sometimes very different. Meteorological monitoring systems require a permit to be used by meteorological services. These certificates issued by accredited laboratories. This process can take up to one and a half year. A long but rewarding way. By recording the instruments in a national register, all potential customers can find out if the acquired device has already been authorized. This saves time in the procurement and essentially serves as a decision support.

Many Lufft sensors already have such approvals in various countries. The smart weather sensor WS600-UMB has received it in Kazakhstan for instance. Since it finds its application in the fields of occupational and environmental safety, environmental sensor falls below the local inspection and registration. Even in industrial use, in weight and volume controls, in the military sector and for use in sports a nationally recognized accreditation of measuring devices is required. In the next five years, the smart weather sensor WS600-UMB may be imported and used as often as desired. In Kazakhstan, the first measurement sensors of this type have already been installed for air quality measurement in Semei, Öskemen and Ridder.

In South Korea there is also an auditing duty for the equipment of meteorological services. The instruments can be certified for a period of three years. Another Lufft product received its official approval: the smart weather sensor WS500-UMB.

These are only two of many Lufft products that have certifications. Through certification of measuring devices, customers can rely on accurate results and a high quality of products. The company Lufft will seek more certifications by worldwide accredited testing laboratories in the future.

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