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New Lufft handheld devices (own picture)

The world is mobile. What sounds like a truism, presents many companies with great challenges. A few years ago it was enough if measured capacity were installed and fixed inside buildings or installed outdoors. The data was always recorded under the same conditions and at the same places. But the work environment and working conditions have changed dramatically. The ubiquitous mobility has also reached the recording of measurement data.

On the one hand more data needs to be detected more accurately. So it is not enough to install a monitoring station at a point in a factory. Rather, data e.g. Air pressure and humidity need to be recorded at various locations in a room. Instead of installing many stations all around the room, it is easier to collect data with one mobile device. LUFFT has recognized this trend years ago and released the A, C and E series of mobile devices. So it was already possible to include various data such as temperature, humidity and flow with outstanding accuracy and even under extreme conditions.

The development at LUFFT continued. At beginning of 2013, LUFFT will release a new range of handheld instruments that meets the latest requirements and offers an ease of use that is outstanding. A high-contrast TFT colour display will allow for the best presentation of the data, even in bright sunlight. The convenient one-hand operation using the navigation buttons or directly via capacitive touch screen makes data entry easier. The collected data is then recorded in the internal flash memory and transferred to the PC via the micro USB connector. The collected data can be immediately evaluated and visualized using the supplied PC software SmartGraph3. In addition, it allows language selection and the conversion from ° C to ° F.

The new hand-held instruments have not only a digital display, but also digital bus enabled sensors. The digital TFF sensor measures temperature and humidity. As well the handhelds provide a digital air pressure and flow sensor. An absolute pressure sensor and a digital sensor Co2 are planned. An analogue sensor also allows for accurate temperature measurement.

The new range of handheld instruments brings the precision and quality of LUFFT now literally anywhere.

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