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Do you feel it, too? It’s getting colder all across Northern Europe and of course in many other regions of this world as well. Wherever you are situated, you will not be keen on being surprised by freezing temperatures, slippery roads or ice, neither on the job nor privately. What’s more, the winter cold is not the only weather phenomenon that we like to watch as closely as possible, thus always knowing what we need to prepare for.

Talking about preparations: all your measuring instruments need regular and thorough preparation, too. The most sophisticated instrument will serve you nothing when its results are not reliable. Through regular use, the precision of all measuring instruments will decrease and they need to be re-calibrated. As you will always need to be able to rely on the results of your instruments, it is important to have them checked on a regular basis. The more precision you need from your device, the more important are these calibration service checks. In the context of a EN ISO 9001 certification, the so called “inspection equipment monitoring” even is a compulsory process. All devices are calibrated based on so-called calibration standards. The measurements of these standards serve as an reference. Obviously, these standards need the most precise and attentive calibration as well.

» Did you know that Lufft offers a special calibration service?

In the Lufft calibration laboratory, which is accredited by the DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle = German accreditation body), your instruments are calibrated to your individual needs. The calibration is performed in specifically equipped laboratories. The Lufft calibrationservice has also wind tunnels and clima chambers that can operate according to all common demands.

Wind tunnel – Lufft calibration laboratory

Lufft offers these services not only for instruments out of their own product range but also for instruments of other brands. If you want to have more information about Luffts´calibration service,  you should visit our website. So that you can always rely on your measuring results and are not left standing out in the cold.

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