With the uodated iOS App for MARWIS you can take photos of the street with one click

New camera function of the MARWIS iOS app

The iOS App for managing the mobile road weather sensor MARWIS has got a new feature called “Cam Picture”. It allows you to take photos with your tablet or smartphone to be transmitted to the server of the ViewMondo monitoring software. The images are then displayed together with the measured values. These can be found in the icons.

It should be noted that the transmission of the camera image of course costs bandwidth when transferring the data to the server. That also means, that the transmission of camera images increases the data consumption of your SIM card.

The image can either be transferred manually by tapping on the camera icon that appears when the function is activated, or automatically (cyclically). You can change this in the App settings.
In the latter case, you should choose not too short time periods, if possible. This is partly due to the available bandwidth of the internet connection, since the image is transmitted together with the measured values. On the other hand, this is due to the larger space requirements on the server: You can only save a limited number of images per camera, otherwise older images will be deleted automatically.

Further information can be found in the operating instructions.

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