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On-Site Calibration with weather sensors from Lufft

Sometimes it is not possible to renounce for your meteorological stations for several days to ship them for calibration to a calibration laboratory. Nevertheless, the measurement technique should be calibrated at least every two years – The solution is on-site calibration! Two examples of such service I would like to present in more detail in this blog post:

Lufft – For you on-site:

Thanks to our years of experience in the fields of meteorology and calibration, we can offer an on-site service for meteorological Lufft and foreign sensors through our calibration laboratory. Your sensor and the measurement data will remain permanently available for you and at the same time you can be sure that all calibrations and documentation are standard, reproducible and traceable. Calibration outside a conditioned laboratory requires a high level of metrological knowledge and experience. Our employees travel with the required and DAkks accredited calibration standards and perform calibration to the sensor location. After successful comparison measurement where our calibration team can use a mobile mast with 4.5m height, a protocol for displaying the actual values and the comparison with the reference device will be created. Lufft – for you on-site!

Are you interested in making use of our calibration and adjustment service by the Lufft own calibration laboratory? Our highly professional and experienced technicians are able to perform many different examinations and adaptions. Are you interested? On the homepage of the Lufft calibration laboratory you can find additional information!

HydroMet Calibration Car with WS501 weather station on board in Mexico

The Office of Meteorology and Hydrology in Mexico equipped a vehicle with measurement technology for verification of their Hydro-Met stations. We are proud that they decided to choose our smart WS501 compact weather station with the all-in-one system for measurement of the meteorlogical parameters. With the integration of the smart weather sensor Lufft WS501 the calibration vehicle can provide accurate data about air temperature, relative humidity, global radiation, air pressure, wind direction and wind speed.

The National Agency for Water Management in Mexico (CONAGUA) is a decentralized administrative agency of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, founded in 1989, whose task is to manage, regulate, control and protect the national waters of the country. The National Weather Service is also part of the Ministry. CONAGUA has more than 70 fixed automatic stations and want to consistently check the readings of the sensors and monitor the quality of the measurement with this vehicle.

In addition to the compact weather station WS501 the vehicle is also equipped with the Universal Current Meter C31 from OTT for discharge measurements. The meteorological and hydrological sensors are connected to a netDL 500 datalogger from OTT which has telemetry so that the data continuously can be send to a central unit.

On-site Calibration of meteorological stations of increasing importance

These two examples of on-site services show that the maintenance and calibration of environmental sensors is becoming increasingly important. If you are interested in the service, please contact us! We look forward to your contact under or by phone at +49 711 518220.

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