Only a few days until the Intertraffic Europe starts! This awaits you at booth 12.532…

Between 20 and 23 March, it’s very worthwhile to travel to Amsterdam as the Intertraffic, the leading trade show for transport technologies, is going to take place during this time! We invite you to visit us at our booth 12.532, where you will find the latest Lufft products for the transportation sector and can participiate in exclusive presentations.

Discover Lufft innovations and well-established products

One of our trade fair highlights will be the precipitation sensor and intelligent Disdrometer Lufft WS100 – an innovation launched in mid-2017 that is maintenance-free and has an improved, heated measuring dome compared to its predecessor R2S. The sensor can distinguish between all types of precipitation and provides reliable information on precipitation intensity and quantity – no matter how harsh the ambient conditions are. Thanks to its particularly high resolution, it detects the different types of precipitation from the very first drops. It is therefore particularly suitable for traffic applications, e.g. as part of traffic control or ice detection systems.

Further exhibits which shouln’t be missed are the new Lufft visibility sensors. These are available in two versions: the Lufft VS2k has a measuring range of 2 km and the VS20k detects visibilities in distances of up to 20 km. Behind it is the forward scattered light measuring method, which uses reflections to detect particles and drops in the environment and thus calculates the visibility. Due to the improved case design and integrated vibration motor, the latest generation of Lufft visibility sensors is significantly better protected from spider webs, insects and dirt accumulation in front of the lens than the previous model. In addition, the sensors include a self-monitoring function, which informs the operator about a interference of the lens by, for example, dirt. Thus, preventive maintenance operations become superfluous. Further improvements were made by our developers and designers in terms of the material, which is now better protected against wear and tear even in humid-saline environments.

Another exhibited product will be the StaRWIS – a non-invasive road and runway weather sensor that simultaneously and in real-time determines surface conditions, temperatures, relative humidity, dew and freezing point temperatures, as well as weather-related friction. It is based on an awarded LED technology which is also used in the MARWIS mobile pavement sensor, and is suitable for installation heights between 4.5 and 6 m (182 – 222 in). For larger installation heights with measuring distances between 6 and 15 m (236 – 590.5 in), the Lufft NIRS31 is the right choice.

In addition, you will find our tried and tested surface sensors Lufft IRS31Pro & ARS31Pro. While the active ARS31Pro recognizes surface and freezing point temperatures independent of the de-icing agent, the IRS31Pro measures road temperatures, water levels, friction, ice percentage, road conditions and freezing point temperatures for the most common de-icing agents. Optionally, subsurface temperature probes can be mounted in up to two different depths. The freezing point temperature output follows a preset dry-humid threshold according to the new TLS specification, which corresponds to a water film height of 10μm, and can be easily adjusted. The two-part housing concept allows easy removal of the inner life and thus maintenance and calibration without much disassembly effort. The invasive surface sensors from Lufft are therefore outstandingly suitable for ice alert, traffic management and runway monitoring systems.

Visit us at booth 12.532 and convince yourself of the quality of our innovative sensors!

Exclusive product presentations at first hand

On Wednesday and Thursday at 3 pm, you can expect exclusive product trainings on our latest road and runway weather and visibility sensors. Here you will get to know our innovative products and get in touch with our sales contacts. Register now and secure a place at the presentation sessions and/or an appointment with the stand team!

Do you have any questions about the trade fair in advance? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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