Pharmaceutical monitoring – sterile at all costs

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It looks a little like a James Bond movie. White full-body suits, locks that open and close pneumatically and everything glows in white and steel. On the tables are test tubes and pipettes. It looks like this or at least similiar in many pharmaceutical laboratories. In the production of new drugs it is not only important to ensure visible sterility, but also to control invisible factors. It is vital that temperature, humidity, room pressure and particle concentration are kept constant and constantly monitored.

Monitoring is essential

Considering that the amount of active ingredients in drugs often amount to only a few milligrams, it becomes clear how important it is to keep drugs contamination-free. It does not take much imagination to realize that the slightest deviation from the norm might have devastating consequences. Danger lurks not only in contamination but also in too much moisture and temperature fluctuations. As a result, the environment must be kept constant in the laboratories at any time.

Lufft Pharma Monitoring - OPUS300

Pharma Monitoring with Lufft OPUS200 / OPUS300 data logger

Lufft provides secure and reliable data

With devices such as the datalogger Opus 300i, Lufft has developed the perfect product for continuous monitoring. The quality of the products has convinced several leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry to rely on equipment from the Opus series. More than 300 Lufft sensors measure and collect data at RP Scherer for differential pressure, temperature and humidity. It reaches through various monitoring (production) departments. Lufft display modules, mountedat key points, alert the employee automatically with visual and acoustical alarms. at critical levels. The archived data of the software can be reconstructed at any time, but not changed. Last but not least, the software supports GMP requirements, GAMP5, Annex11 and 21CFR Part 11. Without Lufft’s monitoring system continuous monitoring of the production and GMP-relevant areas and warehouses, would be impossible according to RP Scherer.
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