Precision Solar Monitoring – Lufft in the Solar Industry

Precision Solar Monitoring - Lufft in the Solar Industry

The sun as a powersource that will strengthen our energy future – around the globe we are continuing to build solar energy projects. “Solar is too expensive” is heard less and less as technologies are advancing to meet competitive demand. All solar systems require some degree of weather measurement. In 2009 LUFFT’s innovative “WS Family” of weather sensors entered the Global Solar Industry to help meet this need.

The weather stations fill critical requirements for large and small scale solar projects. This is important to project owners and operators as well as installers, electrical contractors and systems integrators. No matter where you are in the world, electrical utilities require accurate weather data reporting for solar projects. Weather data is necessary in order to…

» monitor project performance and
» protect a solar farm investment

In order to defend their investment, project owners also require weather data alongside electrical production data in order to assure panel efficiency and project performance. Integration of weather measurement used to be a bothersome requirement to complete a solar project. Now with LUFFT all in one Weather Stations, weather data is easy to install and integrate.

Expensive solar installations deserve the most reliable protection from extreme weather. Automatic tracking of solar panels is an efficient way to maximize the efficiency of a solar farm. LUFFT ultrasonic wind sensing technology can be installed as part of a dual axis tracking system to help protect solar panels from damaging high winds. LUFFT maintenance free ultrasonic wind sensors are installed with each tracked array to measure and signal the project controls to move the panels to flat or “safe mode”.

To keep in pace with the market and the modern technologies, electronic devices have been developed parallel to the mechanical products according to the basic principle “Tradition and Innovation”. Meaningful contributions to the Solar Industry are very important to LUFFT as a company. Listening to customers, executing new ideas and having the technical ability to meet the demand of a growing industry help LUFFT keep up with customer wants. This is the goal of LUFFT and what makes LUFFT a leader in the Solar Industry.

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