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How Does Rain Fall? – The Principle of Precipitation

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, heralding the beginning of the storm season and rainy period. The meteorological phenomena and their impact may differ in regard to regional realities. But irrespective of the place and its local designation, the principle of evaporation and precipitation dictates the water cycle everywhere and lays the fundament of life on our planet. 

With a combined environmental expertise of more than 620 years in hydrology and meteorology, at OTT HydroMet we know quite a lot about rain and its related phenomena, snow, and hail. As you surely know from unluckily relying on weather forecasts for your weekend planning, meteorology can be a complex subject. As an introduction to the creation of rain, we tried to collect some basics in an infographic and like to share it with you for free. Find the link below. 

How does rain fall? Check the full infographic

With that, we are happy to give you an overview of technologies to measure precipitation. Over the centuries, technology has greatly advanced to provide us everything from tipping buckets to disdrometers. In the OTT HydroMet precipitation portfolio guide, we review these technologies and our solutions to provide you with the best insights into five different precipitation measurement solutions along with a product side-by-side comparison: 

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