Russia – country of extreme climates

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From ice deserts to the semi-tropics: covering an area of over 17 million square kilometers, spread over two continents, Russia is by far the biggest country of this planet. Its surface equals the one of Australia and Europe combined, which makes around 11% of the earth’s overall land surface. Keeping this in mind, it is not surprising that the climate found in Russia is very much diversified and, in some regions, extreme. Apart from tropic climate, all types of climate can be found in Russia. Inhospitable and hostile ice deserts along the north coast, touching the Arctic Ocean, the vast, cold and sparse Tundra, the densely wooded Taiga, down to the coast of the Black Sea with its Mediterranean summers and far away to the Asian regions where sub-tropical climates with monsoon rains can be found. Russia has it all and everything in between.

In order to keep up efficient logistics in a land of such extremes, one thing is of pivotal relevance: to always know what to expect. No matter if you operate via aircraft, via railway or on the road, you cannot afford to head out into the unknown when it comes to weather conditions. Control, planning and a precise forecast are crucial if you want to move efficiently and on time. The German Weather Service alone operates 1800 meteorological stations throughout Russia, but in a country as big as this there are still enough situations, enough locations, where you want and must rely on your own data. No matter if you are hauling spare parts for oil pipelines into Siberia or transporting goods of any kind to the Asian regions of Russia in the middle of the monsoon season, you are in any case facing an extraordinary challenge. There are still various regions that can only be reached on the road. Knowing this, you will easily comprehend the importance of reliable data about the conditions of the roads you will be travelling. Temperature, precipitation and humidity: with modern, precise and maintenance free measuring instruments from Lufft at hand, you will always be able to evaluate your weather conditions in a reliable forecast. Our 100% maintenance free compact all-in-one data collector, the WS600-UMB, delivers data regarding temperature, humidity, nature and amount of precipitation, barometric pressure as well as wind speed and direction and operates reliably even in the most far-off regions of Russia. So that you always know what to expect.


Additional note: The Russian National Weather Service wants to create a compression ratio of measurement points. The first part of the monitoring network was developed in the far east of the country. 300 real-time stations (Type WS600-UMB) operate reliably at continuous winter temperatures as low as -30°C. See for yourself – the evaluated data are presented under

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