Smart PV Monitoring with smart Weather Stations

Goodbye Cable Clutter, Hello All-In-One Weather Sensors: Lufft is proof of the fact that professional measurement technology does not always have to be complicated. With our experience in weather sensor manufacturing we are the first to offer modular, all-in-one weather sensors for the solar energy industry that require only a single cable connection.

Everything you need for solar monitoring is inside:

PV system operators know that, in addition to solar radiation, other environmental factors such as temperature, wind, precipitation and storms also affect the productivity and stability of solar cells. The long-term stability of the smart and compact Lufft WS sensors means that you leave nothing to chance while monitoring every possible influencing factor. In addition, thanks to their open communication protocols these intelligent weather stations can easily be integrated into the monitoring systems of many manufacturers. As an alternative to Lufft’s open protocol, for instance, they also communicate with Modbus and SDI-12.

Lufft WS – Series: Every meteorological parameter from one source:

Plugged into the new weather sensor WS510-UMB, for example, is a bundle of sensors of the highest quality: with a secondary standard pyranometer from Kipp & Zonen, a capacitive humidity sensor, an ultrasonic wind sensor and a ventilated NTC measuring element for sensing the air temperature, it has all the essential measurement modules for PV monitoring and solar assessment.

And for those who need even more, the recently introduced WS800-UMB is the right instrument. Thanks to its seven integrated sensors (silicon pyranometer, NTC temperature sensor, capacitive air pressure and humidity sensor, ultrasonic wind sensor, radar rain sensor and lightning detector), nothing escapes this multitalented device.

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