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Smart sustainability: Saving energy and protecting the environment

In modern times, sustainability is a trend-setting keyword that is becoming increasingly important in society. In the economy, for example, this is an important criterion for the future development of humanity, taking into account the environment. Companies in particular have an ever-increasing obligation here, as they can make a major contribution to general environmental protection.

Why is the topic of energy costs and environmental protection becoming increasingly important for companies?

No matter whether production, trade or transport: The path of a product from production to display on the store shelf is usually associated with a very high energy input. However, as fossil raw materials become increasingly scarce, this hunger for energy is meanwhile associated with very high costs. In order to prevent rising costs, the sustainable use of natural resources and the reduction of the general energy consumption is often the only option. Since consumers are now also changing their mindset towards sustainability, ecological compatibility is also becoming increasingly important with regard to the company’s image. As a result, environmentally conscious companies are increasingly preferred by potential customers.

In which industries does environmental protection play a particularly important role?

Since sustainability is basically a global issue, in principle, all companies are affected by this development. Although the pressure is particularly high in companies with high energy requirements like large industrial companies such as car manufacturers or energy companies, environmental protection also affects small and medium-sized enterprises. In general, every company within the economy has above-average energy requirements, so that there is potential for optimisation everywhere.

In addition to the production and transport of goods, the general operating costs also have a massive impact on the life cycle assessment. Above all, the heating of rooms such as in warehouses or office buildings and the providing of artificial lighting consume large amounts of energy every day. The high consumption of office supplies such as paper and printer accessories in particular represents a constant burden on the environment, which can be reduced with simple tricks. This can ensure greater environmental protection e.g. during printing and applies to almost all industries.

How can modern technology help to protect the environment?

Although the mechanisation and digitisation of the economy is one reason why energy hunger has increased rapidly in recent years, the technology can also be used in the effort to protect the environment. In particular, advances in sensor technology allow the extremely efficient use of energy. For example, the electronic control of a building can be largely automated with the help of intelligent weather and light sensors. For example, the sensors can continuously measure the natural amount of light and adjust blinds and lighting systems or, depending on weather and temperature, the heating and ventilation systems accordingly. In this way, energy consumption can also be effectively reduced.

Special room indoor climate measurement devices are also able to make a decisive contribution to environmental protection. Measuring instruments can constantly record the properties of the room climate and make automated adjustments if necessary. With the help of such intelligent environmental technology from Lufft and other existing smart building technologies, fresh air supply, for example, can be controlled as required. Furthermore, the consumption of work equipment such as computers and printers can also be optimized. Here, for example, the sensors can determine when a device is actively used and when not. In this way, unused devices can be automatically switched off or put into standby mode by intelligent systems, which can lead to major long-term savings, especially in open-plan offices.

Finally, what is there to say on the subject?

The overall picture shows that environmental protection already plays a fundamental role for companies today. With the help of sustainable systems, not only unnecessary costs can be saved, but the image can also be positively influenced by environmentally conscious actions. As environmental protection will become even more relevant in the future, companies should address this issue as quickly as possible.

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