South Korea: Lufft in the Land of the Morning Calm


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A few weeks ago, we had our Asian Lufft Blue Club partners meeting, which took place in Singapure this year. We invited our best 20 partners from the Asian region to be our guests and to share information about projects, markets and future plans. The success story from our Korean partner ELP stuck in my mind. I want to share some of the contents with you – That´s why I wrote this blog entry…

South Korea: Land of the Morning Calm; a country surrounded by sea on three sides, while boasting green forests, open fields as well as meandering rivers

We can look back to a very long lasting and successful business relation with our Korean distribution partner ELP, based in Bucheon-si (which is located between Incheon and Seoul). At the moment they are focusing on providing high accurate weather data for the Korean leisure industries, which is very interesting. ELP is focusing on the establishment of weather observation network based on Lufft WS sensors and selected leisure industries as the first application for this network. South Korea tends to have a humid continental climate and a humid subtropical climate, and is affected by the East Asian monsoon, with precipitation heavier in summer during a short rainy season called jangma. Considering Korean weather conditions, leisure industries have much higher possibilities of economic losses caused by weather-related events than other industries so that there is a growing need in leisure industries for weather information. That´s why ELP built their own network „ECONet” to provide real-time accurate weather information and forecasting service to leisure industries. Lufft WS sensors, installed on race tracks, golf courses or camping grounds by ELP, give much help in operating and maintaining the facilities in a more effective and efficient way.

Through web and mobile app, ELP provides the weather service which combines the various weather information based on measurement values from Lufft WS sensors and weather forecasting produced by themselves. See for yourself – on

Today ELP provides weather information on each camping ground all around the country. Korean users easily can search for their area of interest on the website and will find the current weather with hourly and weekly forecast, useful indexes for campers (e.g. wind, UV and food poisoning indexes), a special weather report and fine dust & yellow dust warning.

We thank ELP for sharing these great success stories with us and are looking forward to a very successful ongoing business relationship with an always increasing number of Lufft weather sensors in Korea – the land of the morning calm.

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