How Your Road Weather Stations Remain Precise into Old Age

Road conditions, such as ice or water layers, can be monitored by automatic measurement stations. In the following, we present some of our traffic related products and give you tips on how to make sure that your systems measure accurately over the entire lifetime.

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Does Ultrasonic Wind Sensor VENTUS-UMB pass extreme tests?

Sometimes we give our sensors a hard time. But of course it is for a good cause: We want to guarantee the high quality and the keeping of our promises. A few weeks ago, the ultrasonic wind sensor VENTUS was the one to be challenged. We exposed the modern measurement device to extreme conditions. But did it endure these conditions? And where is occurs wind to challenge the strong sensor at all? The following blog post solves this quiz… Continue reading ›

On-Site Calibration with weather sensors from Lufft

Sometimes it is not possible to renounce for your meteorological stations for several days to ship them for calibration to a calibration laboratory. Nevertheless, the measurement technique should be calibrated at least every two years – The solution is on-site calibration! Two examples of such service I would like to present in more detail in this blog post:

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Cloud simulation instead of data cloud: the CHM Simulator

It’s clear that the CHM 15k ceilometer measures up to 15 km high clouds. But how can the measurement device’s accuracy be determined and calibrated? Our developers invented a solution to simulate cloud heights and depths – the used tool you may know already. What this is all about, you can find out in the following blog post…

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