Experience meets precision: Columbia Weather Systems

Columbia Weather Systems specializes in industrial-grade weather stations for professional weather monitoring. Their weather stations integrate meteorological sensors and monitoring options that serve weather data in a way that is easy to read and analyze for industries and government agencies around the world. The company has been manufacturing and selling weather stations for over 35 years. Find out more in the following post…

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A cloud sensor measuring more than just clouds: The CHM 15k

Atmospheric and non-atmospheric parameters in the air space challenge researchers, weather services and airports. Although these applications pursue different targets, there’s one sensor system, satisfying all of those users: the CHM 15k. It scans the atmosphere in heights of up to 15 km and detects clouds, molecules, boundary layers, droplets, visibilities and aerosols through backscattering. The three following application examples with impressive measurement results prove its functionality and flexibility.

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Does Ultrasonic Wind Sensor VENTUS-UMB pass extreme tests?

Sometimes we give our sensors a hard time. But of course it is for a good cause: We want to guarantee the high quality and the keeping of our promises. A few weeks ago, the ultrasonic wind sensor VENTUS was the one to be challenged. We exposed the modern measurement device to extreme conditions. But did it endure these conditions? And where is occurs wind to challenge the strong sensor at all? The following blog post solves this quiz… Continue reading ›

The Earth in temperature change and climate change: An overview

Climate change is on everyone’s lips. There’s hardly a single news broadcast or international conference in which the subject is not brought up. But how will climate change affect our lives on Earth, and what will be different? Up until now, one thing has been clear: we are facing a rapid warming of the Earth.

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