4 convincing arguments in favor of regular sensor calibration

Calibration of sensitive instruments such as sensors – environmental or industrial is very important. Most of the companies don’t give due importance to instrument calibration. They see calibration as an unnecessary expense. However, what they don’t realize is that if measurement equipment runs out of calibration, it can cost a Company its profits, reputation and may even put it out of business.

This article helps you understand the need to calibrate sensitive measuring instruments such as sensors and the risks of not calibrating a sensor.

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What does the soon mandatory RoHS certification mean for Lufft products?

Up to now RoHS wasn’t mandatory for us, because we were affected by an exception rule concerning monitoring and control instruments. This exception will end on July 22, 2017 meaning that all Lufft products on the market need to be compliant with the RoHS regulations henceforward. If we couldn’t ensure this, we aren’t allowed to further sell and export them. But how do we deal with this directive?

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