Top 3 Blog Post in 2017
Top 3 Blog Post in 2017

The best Lufft blog posts of last year

1. Smart PV Monitoring with Smart Weather Sensors (Webinar)

Solar energy is booming worldwide. Reasons for this are especially the decreasing module prices, the technological improvements and running support programs in the context of the energy revolution. So, it’s not surprising that utility-scale solar systems are currently mushrooming! But without professional weather stations, solar power systems don’t exploit the maximum potential. On this occassion, we held a webinar to explain the advantages of Lufft All-in-One sensors – with great success, because the related Lufft blog post was the most read in 2017!

2. What are the Advantages of Ultrasonic Wind Sensors?

The second-placed contribution is also related to renewable energies, as wind sensors are particularly used to monitor wind turbines. On the one hand, they serve to maximize revenue. On the other hand, they help to protect the turbines from storms or gusts. In the blog post “What are the advantages of ultrasonic wind sensors?” the Lufft calibration laboratory manager explains which advantages ultrasound technologies have over mechanical ones and gives insights into their optimal calibration and adjustment.


3. We have lift off – launch of new website

Last year, Lufft underwent many changes. One of them was the relaunch of our company website in March. We took this opportunity to look back at the history of our online marketing, which began in 1996 already. The story about this amazing development was rewarded with the third place in the Lufft blog post ranking.

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