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The Lufft year in figures

An eventful year is coming to an end. It started with a beneficial expansion of the Ott HydroMet Group by the leading pyranometer manufacturer Kipp & Zonen. Since then, we have been able to make a better use of the synergies, to improve the integration capability of our products and increased our ability to be innovative.

In the second half of the year, the six globally active OTT brands joined forces also visually: With the new logo and slogan “OTT HydroMet – Insights for Experts” we are strengthening the group: Now our complete solutions and services from a single source can be offered under a common logo.

In the following we review the year 2018 and present you our annual highlights in figures:

34 Blog Posts…

…went online this year. And these were the most read ones:

1st place: MARWIS supports efficient de-icing of aircrafts

Let´s think about a wintry scene at the Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam, NL): De-iceing machines surrounding an aircraft engulfed in clouds of smoke. As you may can imagine, the de-icing process takes time as well as manpower and significantly impacts the airport’s departure capacity. Learn in this blog entry how MeteoGroup can better predict when ice can be expected to form on the wings of an aircraft and how MARWIS supports this forecast!

2nd place: How a Lufft weather sensor got on a 50 m high tower in Braunschweig, Germany

The amateur radio interest group of the German national test authority in Braunschweig runs an own amateur radio as well as a relay station (DB0PTB). Since July 2017 they are proud operators of a professional weather station which is placed at a very special site…

3rd place: The new Multi-Parameter Weather Sensor Lufft WS10 is launched!

After extensive laboratory and field tests, we are proud to announce the market launch of a new compact all-in-one weather sensor: The Lufft WS10 is a completely new product covering new fields of application…

214 LinkedIn and 162 Facebook posts

This year the professional networking platform LinkedIn gained importance for us. With now 3,435 followers, our number of followers has doubled within one year. In Facebook, our second most important social media channel, the number increased by 300 followers this year. Other channels we are active on include Twitter (671 followers), Instagram (104 followers) and Youtube for training and marketing videos (161 subscribers).

11 trade show appearances

Our most important fair this year was the Meteorological Technology World Expo from 9th to 11th October in Amsterdam, Netherlands. There, we took the opportunity for a world premiere: Our new group branding. At the OTT HydroMet booth we presented the different solutions from the group’s business units as well as our new clean look and our slogan “Insights for Experts”.

Furthermore we were represented on the following trade shows:

4 Online Training Sessions

This year we held the following webinars:

What applications are available for continuous flow measurement in rivers, streams and canals? How do you get reliable measurement results and who guarantees the quality of your data, especially in extreme events with high outflows? In this recorded webinar, OTT Hydromet specialist Stefan Siedschlag explains more about the functional principle and the advantages of non-contact surface water velocity measurement with the OTT SVR 100.

Manage Webinar for “Ventilated Irradiance Sensors: How to be Prepared to Meet IEC and ISO Standards”

This webinar was focused on compliance with the IEC 61724-1:2017 ventilation standard and the difference between internal circulation and external ventilation. The webinar content was used to prepare for IEC and ISO standards and to help improve performance metrics.

Critical Elements that Influence Solar Plant Performance

In this webinar, we explored the factors influencing solar system performance such as shading, temperature, and snowfall, and discussed the ideal tools that installers and O&M providers can use to measure and predict these conditions and display and analyze the data efficiently.

The precipitation sensors of the OTT HydroMet Group

The Ott Hydromet Group offers a wide range of precipitation sensors based on different measurement principles. In the webinar we gave the participants an overview of the different models, compared the sensors and discussed their advantages and disadvantages. We also took the opportunity to introduce the new OTT WAD weighing and draining sensor.

4 New Products from OTT & Lufft:

Lufft WS10 Compact Weather Sensor

The new compact weather sensor Lufft WS10 covers 10 parameters simultaneously. It is suitable for building automation and solar roofs. Data transmission takes place via WiFi.

Lufft CHM 8k Cloud Height Sensor

The CHM 8k is the newest cloud height meter from Lufft. Using Lidar technology, the sensor is able to generate aerosol back-scatter profiles & structures in multiple layers,cloud base height, cloud penetration depth, aerosol layer height, cloud cover, vertical visibility, Sky Condition Index. It has a measurement range of up to 8 km. It’s integrated user interface as well as the automatic real-time calculation of all target parameters ensure comfortable and simple operation.

OTT WAD 200 – Rain gauge

The OTT WAD 200 combines state-of-the-art weighing technology with a self-draining tilting scale system for high resolution and precision in the smallest of designs. It is particularly suitable for use in subtropical and tropical climates. The highly sensitive measuring principle of the rain gauge fulfills the requirements of the WMO guideline and outputs the exact measured values in real time for both quantity and intensity of all liquid precipitation in the range from 0.001 to 720 mm/h. The rain gauge can be used for all types of rainfall. The WAD 200 has a low power consumption and is an extremely accurate instrument even in extreme weather conditions and rain events. A mostly annual calibration can be carried out using a reference weight and is therefore more accurate than the usual calibration procedure using water volume.

OTT HydroMet Cloud

With the Hydromet Cloud you have secure real-time data access from almost anywhere in the world. Your data can be displayed in graphical form, on a map or in table and report form.

As you can see, there has been a lot going on here in the last 12 months. But also next year exciting projects and innovation will await us. We are looking forward to it and thank you very much for your loyalty and solidarity in 2018.

Happy holidays and a happy new year from the entire Lufft team!

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