Control Center of a Road Maintenance Depot - ViewMondo helps to keep track on all RWIS

The new ViewMondo variety – also suitable for airports

With the browser-based monitoring software ViewMondo, we offer an elegant management solution for mobile and stationary weather stations since mid-2015. Once implemented, all measuring stations can be found on a map and can be evaluated in real-time. However, over the time since the introduction of the smart software, it has gained new functions than mentioned in August 2015 – ViewMondo has grown just as much as the Lufft product portfolio…

RWIS and AWOS components from a single source

What was initially focused on RWIS applications (road weather information systems) is now becoming an increasingly multifunctional tool, which will be applied in AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System) in the foreseeable future. This is allowed by specific add-ons, which we have developed in close cooperation with our airport customers. The new features’ implementation will be accompanied by a great work facilitation for pilots, runway technicians and air traffic controllers. It enables them to digitize and automate work processes they previously had to do manually – such as the runway assessment and data entering into the system. This is where the mobile sensor MARWIS, providing the required runway conditions, comes into play.

New features and more safety for all traffic applications

Another upcoming feature is a forecast function: It will be able to incorporate weather predictions into the ViewMondo user interface, allowing targeted and proactive de-icing chemical output.

In addition, the measurement value settings become more flexible and the de-icing recommendation will be refined.

Last but not least, a data cloud-independent, stand-alone software license is now available protecting your data as much as possible from unauthorized access. This offers the necessary data security for e.g. at airports.

We find these are great prospects and we are really looking forward to future projects!

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