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... are becoming more and more, so we sorted them into categories: Research, Industry, Climate, Company, etc. These titles speak for themselves, and over time there will probably be even more of them. Click on a category name and you will see the latest posts from our writers on this subject. We are happy to contribute also ideas and topics of our visitors in the blog. Do you have an idea? Write to us:

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The category environment includes all kinds of projects in the field of weather monitoring. Many stories tell you more about our intelligent weather stations and how the sensors can help to make daily life, production processes, mechanisms or for example emergency operations quickly or easily.

Guest Author

We always welcome new themes, ideas and fresh air in our Lufft Blog! You will be surprised how diverse our guest posts can be. You will find reports about the use of our snow depth sensors in the Antarctica or about the role of our weather sensors in a car race with solar vehicles in Australia and many more...


The monitoring of environmental data such as temperature, humidity or air pressure play not only outside of rooms a big role - in the industrial sector, for example in clean rooms or manufacturing the continuous monitoring is often essential as well. This is what is all about in this category


Innovation is what drives us constantly. In this category our product developers write about challenges of developments and the opportunities of new technologies.


Through interviews new perspectives can emerge, opinions are represented and all sorts of beautiful stories are told. In this category, you will find interviews with employees, customers, partners and other interesting personalities.

Our business

We would like to use the corporate blog to also provide an insight into the inner workings of the company Lufft - Therefore you can find many reports of employees who present themselves and their activities as well as other reports that describe Lufft internally in the category "Our business".


The development and sales of sensors is our business - therefore this category should not be missed in our Lufft blog! In this category you will reports from our engineers and developers. They provide a detailed insight into the world of sensor technology and product development.


The category Traffic - the name says it all! In this category is all about traffic weather, whether on the road/Highway, in the air or on the seas of the world. In all areas, there is traffic, which requires reliable weather information!


Lufft is active worldwide - therefore we report in our blog about applications of our sensors from around the world. In this category you will find articles that will guide you from Alaska to South Africa!

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We are constantly looking for new guest writers, that want to discuss and publish interesting topics. Do you already have an idea for a post? Great - we look forward to your contact...

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