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When two people talk about the weather, it generally means that they have not much to say. So they have a little small talk about the sun, clouds and rain. Telling about the holiday the weather plays an important role.Had it been sunny and warm, the holidays were a success. Those who had to spend the best time of the year in a hotel room, thereby counting the raindrops on the window, prefer not to report anything after arriving back home. Thus the weather has a decisive influence on our being.

The weather fascinates us

Even though very few of us depend on the weather in their daily lives, we are fascinated by what happens between heaven and earth – even only to determine what we put on the next day, or whether we can go sailing on weekends. The weather also determines what pleasures we can pursue in our spare time. But there are certainly areas where the weather plays a far greater role.

In agriculture, or on the high seas

We all know country lore. Developed over centuries, to reflect the findings and give farmers – at least in many cases – an indication of how the weather develops over the next few days or even weeks. While there are many different data on the reliability of country lore, one must admit that the farmers of previous centuries had not yet come to terms with the consequences of gradual climate change. Still, for agriculture and the maritime accurate weather forecasts are now crucial.

Meteorology – Korea – Refinery – WS600 (Photo by Lufft)

 Where the wind blows

Far less known is that accurate weather data does not only help to prevent disasters at sea, or the destruction of crops, but is also crucial in order to deal with far bigger disasters. The Lufft all-in-One Sensors WS500-UMB and WS600-UMB collect weather data around a metal refinery in South Korea. In exceptional cases, poisonous gases could escape. The precise weather data allows predicting where these gases are first driven. So the people around the refinery can be warned in time. Sensors by Lufft fulfil a similar function in Germany. Here they are situated in the vicinity of nuclear power plants. Its purpose is to collect weather data around the plants to get accurate information about wind direction and wind speeds. This allows predicting expansion of gases and other invisible substances more accurately. Thus the equipment by Lufft delivers an important contribution to increased safety for the population.

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