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Wind Measurement

Wind Measurement with Ultrasound - Lufft Sensor Technology

Without reliable wind information, the operation of wind turbines for renewable energy is not possible. Environmental factors such as high winds, icing, and visibility must be constantly monitored. Even for weather forecasts, agricultural meteorology, or industrial processes, measuring devices are needed. Lufft has developed and manufacture products tailored for just such needs. With the WS product family, G. LUFFT Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH has developed intelligent gauges with digital interfaces for environmental applications.

Winds are measured by the WS600-UMB compact weather station with the aid of ultrasonic sensors. The built-in ultrasonic anemometers accurately measure the wind speed and direction. The all-in-one sensor also measures the air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, precipitation type, precipitation intensity, and air pressure.

Devices and Sensors for Wind Measuring environmental Applications

In environmental applications, a variety of professional and intelligent data devices are available in Lufft's range of products. All anemometers and compact weather stations are equipped with digital interfaces and ultrasonic sensors. Through standard protocols (ASCII, UMB, SDI12, MODBUS), measurement data can also be analogue and simply edited.

Portable devices with the right accessories transform easily into manageable wind instruments. The matching carrying case, flow and temperature sensors are available in the Lufft online store.

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