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Snow depths sensors in Antarctica? Ceilometers to measure Saharan, fire and volcanic aerosols? Or Mobile sensors to detect road condition? Check our Optical Sensors Guide with our case stories and offer...

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Smart dynamic line rating enables an increase of the fed-in current load up to 150%

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Webinar: The Future of Mobile and Stationary Road Weather Data

Webinar On-Demand for all Experts in RWIS

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Cloud Height & Snow Depth Sensors

Explore the laser-based Lufft sensors for snow depth and cloud height measurements! NEW: CHM8k ceilometer.

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Product Family of Smart Weather Sensors

Not just one device for all purposes - we have the right all-in-one sensor for every application!

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Wind sensors for Wind Energy

Our Wind Sensors - Worldwide in operation as Nacelle Anemometers and for wind profiling.

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Extreme Weather Events Surge in Number and Impact
The past two decades brought nearly twice as many natural disasters as the 20 years before. And meteorological and hydrological disasters are the most frequent ones...

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Lufft Projects

Retrofitting Caltrans' RWIS

How Caltrans has replaced old road weather stations with new equipment from the Lufft brand.

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Lufft News

MTI: Alpine Research With OTT HydroMet Equipment

Former military camp, setting for James Bond’s Goldfinger, unique research site. Scientists at the ALPFOR institute amid the Swiss Alps rely on meteorological sensors from OTT HydroMet. Read...

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