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Meteorology Podcast: Let's Talk About The Weather

No Meteorological Technology World Expo? Welcome to our new podcast series instead! Register to get free access to three 20-minutes episodes.

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Smart dynamic line rating enables an increase of the fed-in current load up to 150%

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Webinar: The Future of Mobile and Stationary Road Weather Data

Webinar On-Demand for all Experts in RWIS

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Fresh air against the corona-pandemic

indoor climate measurement with the OPUS20 TCO

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Cloud Height & Snow Depth Sensors

Explore the laser-based Lufft sensors for snow depth and cloud height measurements! NEW: CHM8k ceilometer.

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Product Family of Smart Weather Sensors

Not just one device for all purposes - we have the right all-in-one sensor for every application!

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Wind sensors for Wind Energy

Our Wind Sensors - Worldwide in operation as Nacelle Anemometers and for wind profiling.

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Lufft Blog

Securing the Airspace with Lufft Ceilometers

Since the early days of aviation, clouds stand in the way between mankind and the sky. Today, to secure airspace and guarantee a safe flight, airports rely on meteorological instruments...

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Lufft Projects

VS2k visibility sensor and L-LAB in Lippstadt

Research project for better headlamps in fog

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Lufft News

Meteorology Quiz

Are you a weather professional? These 10 astonishing facts might surprise even meteorological experts!

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