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Product Family of Smart Weather Sensors

Not just one device for all purposes - we have the right all-in-one sensor for every application!

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Road Weather Sensors

Built-in, non-invasive or mobile sensors? We offer all the sensors for your RWIS system!

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Wind sensors for Wind Energy

Our Wind Sensors - Worldwide in operation as Nacelle Anemometers and for wind profiling.

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Cloud Height & Snow Depth Sensors

Explore the laser based Lufft sensors for snow depth and cloud height!

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Meteorological Sensors for the Solar Industry

Smart Weather Sensors for Smart Solar Trackers and PV Monitoring Solutions.

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Lufft Blog

Relief for Allergy Sufferers: AQM Stations from Plair Visualize Pollen

The prevalence of pollen allergy is vast, attaining 25-30% of the population worldwide, and this number continues to grow. Symptoms include rhino-conjunctivitis, asthma and eczema. Plair’s...

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Lufft Projects

Our Success Stories around the World

Discover our success stories around the world with the new Lufft Projects overview. Learn more about ceilometers in operation at meteorological departments in Germany & Netherlands or the mobile road sensor MARWIS in use on airports.

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Free Whitepaper about Risk Reduction on Airports

Curious about risk reduction in Takeoff & Landing Performance Assessment? Feel free to download our whitepaper to discover how to improve efficiency in your TALPA process.

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