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  • 23. Jan 2022 - 27. Jan 2022, Houston, TX AMS (American Meteorological Society)

    OTT HydroMet joins AMS 102nd Annual Meeting on Environmental Security  

    Countries and their populations around the world are increasingly harmed by weather, water and climate. For its 102nd annual meeting, the American Meteorological Society has picked Environmental Security as its theme with good reason. OTT HydroMet, provider of comprehensive hydrological and meteorological monitoring solutions, will contribute to that exchange of experts and professionals. Meet you at booth 707. 

    About AMS Annual Meeting 

    The 102nd Annual Meeting will be held from January 23–27 January 2022 in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center. The meeting provides an opportunity to bring together world-class experts on extreme weather and climate with researchers in the fields of water quality/scarcity, energy, food, and health/diseases. This two-way exchange of expertise will inspire new insights into the linkages and impacts among these diverse scientific disciplines and illustrate how water, weather, and climate research can help shape policy to benefit all areas of environmental security. 

    More information: 

    OTT HydroMet – Unmatched Flexibility for Reliable Weather and Climate Measurements. 

    Compiling a weather station that serves professional purposes can turn out tricky. Even if single sensors fulfill all requirements, the station as a whole might underperform and consequently provide unreliable data. Choosing a one-stop solution can save stress, time, and post-purchase costs. With its rich portfolio spreading across an unmatched range of environmental monitoring applications, OTT HydroMet serves weather services and research purposes in various scientific disciplines.   

    In recent years, setting up complete automated weather stations has become a focus of OTT HydroMet. For every purpose, the company tailors a fitting solution combining first-class sensors, dataloggers, software, and communication modules from its various market-leading brands like Lufft, Kipp & Zonen, OTT, SUTRON, ADCON, and MeteoStar. All elements of a solution are harmonized and selected for hassle-free operation and easy integration. 

    Meet monitoring challenges with proven equipment 

    In many cases, automated weather stations are meant for remote operation, sometimes even under extreme conditions. Robust and maintenance-free systems are essential to keep weather stations running in remote areas that are difficult to access, for example in the Alps or at remote solar energy plants. Take the bird-proof ultrasonic wind sensor Lufft Ventus, that is built to resist extreme cold and aggressive seawater, or the proven weighing rain gauge OTT Pluvio², that combines extreme sensitivity with a very low need for maintenance. Essential to every meteorological station – but especially to remote ones – are adequate communication systems. OTT HydroMet provides fitting telemetry solutions based on both mobile networks as well as satellite technology. 

    For atmospheric scientists, OTT HydroMet presents its versatile ceilometer series of Lufft CHM 15k and its newer brother, the CHM 8k, that comes with an impressively low false alarm rate below 2% under all weather conditions for clouds below 1km and close to 0% at clear sky conditions. 

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