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Cloud Height & Snow Depth Sensors

Not only in winter sports snow height is considered an important parameter. On transport routes and railway systems measuring the snow height is equally important. The laser based snow height sensors deliver quick and reliable information about snow height and ground reflectivity. How high are the clouds? How many cloud layers are detected? Is the cloud detection limited by precipitation or mist? These are questions among others around the topics of clouds and visibility which meteorology is dealing with. An answer is delivered by cloud height meters / ceilometers which work with lidar technology.

Lufft Snow depth sensor SHM 30 - Lufft snow height sensor SHM 30

Snow Depth Sensor SHM 30

Compact, reliable and cost-efficient - Accurate measurement of snow depth / snow height based on an opto-electronic distance sensor / laser rangefinder technology.

Compact, reliable and cost-efficient. The SHM 30 snow depth sensor reliably determines snow depths up to 10 meter within seconds and with Millimeter precision, due to opto-electronic/laser based rangefinder technology.

  • Snow depth
  • opto-electronic measuring technique with eye-safe laser sensor
  • Determination of snow depth over long distances, MTBF (meantime between failure) >40.000h, allows discrimination between snow and grass, very compact and weatherproof housing
  • RS232, RS422, analogue output
Lufft Ceilometer 15k, Nimbus, 15 km range, cloud height measurement, automatic heating symstem, optical lasers, multiple cloud layer detection

Ceilometer CHM 15k "NIMBUS"

The cloud height sensor / Lidar based Ceilometer CHM 15k series is prepared to work throughout the year and in any climate.

High optical sensitivity for exact results based on lidar sensor technology! Accurate results in day- and nighttime are obtained by a solid state laser source with long lifetime, small bandwidth filters and a highly sensitive photo receiver.

  • cloud base, cloud cover, mixing layer height, boundary layer
  • optical (LIDAR)
  • Great measuring range up to 15 km (50 000ft), Enhanced multiple cloud layer detection, Simple and eye-safe routine operation, Service-friendly modular device setup, Various data telegrams including raw data
  • RS485, LAN, RS232 or Modem V.21, V22,