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Wind Sensors

Lufft High Precision Wind Sensors to measure environmental Variables

The wind sensors developed by Lufft feature high accuracy, easy installation, and salt water-resistant materials. There are numerous applications for wind sensors. The measurement devices have applications in building services, environmental monitoring, wind alarm systems, wind power plants, sports facilities, industrial meteorology, and solar power plants.

Professional wind measurement depends mainly on the sophistication of the sensors. The models from Lufft differ depending on the application and technical requirements. Lufft's models range from simple wind blades for shutter control to sophisticated wind sensors for environmental monitoring in all climate zones.

Wind Sensors for specific environmental Influences such as Salt Water, Ice and Snow

The V200A-UMB is the titan of wind sensors. It is the most reliable sensor of wind direction and speed. It uses a high-precision ultrasonic measuring principle that, in contrast to conventional anemometers, works without parts prone to wear.

In ice and snow, the wind sensor Ventus UMB is used. This anemometer can be heated if needed with 240 watts and is a qualitatively very sophisticated sensor suitable for use in extreme cold. Its non-contact measurement technique provides accurate measurements for wind turbines, polar stations, and winter sports facilities.

G. LUFFT Mess- und Regeltechnik is the global specialist in innovative development and quality processing of wind sensors, and other climate instruments.

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