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Software to Evaluate, React and Decide

Web based visualization and data collection software for Lufft dataloggers/transmitters. It can store the data in a database, export and import data flexibly for integration of external software or data (CSV and XML) and collect data simultaneously via unlimited communication modules (e.g. modems). Also a webcam can be integrated via TCP/IP-FTP. SmartView3 comes with a collector for up to 5 stations (Order No.: 8040.SV05) and SmartView3 (Order No.: 8040.SV300) is unlimited.
  • browser-based, data storage, flexible ex- and import function, simultaneous data collection via unlimited communication modules, alarm function, 6 hours forecast module
  • 8040.SV05, 8040.SV300
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Image Brochure with description of all Lufft market segments
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Traffic weather, renewable energies and more
Manual - Lufft - SmartView3 (EN)
Software - Lufft SmartView3
Version 2.7.5 - Password protected
Video - SmartView3 Software - Part 1: Installation
Video - SmartView3 Software - Part 2: Configuration

SmartView3: How to install and configure the SmartView3 Software?

In this tutorial videos we show you how to install and configure the SmartView3 management solution:

To the SmartView3 Software Video Training - Part 1: Installation

To the SmartView3 Software Video Training - Part 2: Configuration