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Precipitation Sensor R2S-UMB - discontinued

The radar precipitation sensor Lufft R2S-UMB allows fast measurement of precipitation intensity and distinguishs between precipitation type (Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail). The operation is maintenance-free, thanks to radar measurement technology


The speed rate of drops is registered with a 24 GHz doppler radar system. By comparison between the speed rate and the size of drops, the quantity of rain or its intensity will be registered. The road condition (rain/snow/snow-covered rain/freezing rain/hail) is determined thanks to the speed rate of the rain. Resolution up to 0.01mm, without maintenance.

IMPORTANT: Precipitation Sensor R2S-UMB is discontinued

Please check the alternative: WS100

  • Rain/precipitation quantity, rain/precipitation type (Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail)
  • 24GHz Doppler radar
  • Very fast response time, maintenance-free measurement, present weather detection
  • RS-485, various RS-485-protocols
  • 8367.U01

Precipitation Sensor R2S-UMB is discontinued

Please check the alternative: WS100

  • Very fast response time - Rain detection with the first drop! Very important for traffic applications, where every minute counts!
  • Distinguishs different precipitation types (Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail)
  • Maintenance-free operation – no moving parts that can wear out thanks to radar measurement technology
  • Suitable for solar-powered automatic meteorological stations
  • Resolution for rain intensity of 0.01 mm

The maintenance-free and extremely fast measurement of precipitation type and intensity fits perfect the needs of the following applications...

Examples of Use:

  • Weather observation for road and traffic control systems (RWIS - road weather information station)
  • Weather stations at airports
  • Weather stations of meteorological services
  • Mountain weather stations for avalanche and flood warning
  • Hydro-meteorological stations

Product variants - Radar Precipitation Sensor R2S-UMB

Due to country-specific requirements for the radar technology of the R2S, the precipitation sensor is available in two product variants:

  • Radar Precipitation Sensor R2S - Europe, USA, Canada version (Article no. 8367.U01)
  • Radar Precipitation Sensor R2S - UK version (Article no. 8367.U02)
Firmware - Lufft - R2S-UMB
Version 56
Manual - Lufft - R2S UMB (EN)
Manual - Lufft UMB Config Tool (EN)
Manual - Lufft UMB Protocol (EN)
Software - Lufft - ConfigTool .NET
Version 1.6
Software - UMB Config Tool
Video - Rainmaker: Pictures of our RaiSi (Rain Simulator)
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Resolution liquid precipitation 0.01...0.1...1.0mm/m²
Power supply 4...32 VDC
Power consumption without heating 2VA
Heater power 30VA
Operating temperature range -40...60°C
Operating humidity range 0...100%
Protection type IP66
Interface RS485 semiduplex wire, UMB protocol, pulse and frequency interface
Cable length 10m
Type of precipitation Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail
Measuring range hail 30mm
Principle Doppler-radar
Reproducibility Typical >90%
Measuring range drop size 0.3...5mm
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