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MTI: Alpine Research With OTT HydroMet Equipment

Former military camp, setting for James Bond’s Goldfinger, unique research site. Scientists at the ALPFOR institute amid the Swiss Alps rely on meteorological sensors from OTT HydroMet. Read more in the latest issue of Meteorological Technology International.

Amid the Swiss Alps, at the Alpine Research Station Furka (ALPFOR) on 2440 meters a.s.l., scientists are investigating the impact of humans on alpine nature. For their versatile work, they mainly use instruments by OTT HydroMet. Since last summer, an OTT Pluvio² L is part of the scientists’ equipment, too. The latest issue of Meteorological Technology tells the story of this special research place.

Life is tough in the mountains for the non-adapted. At 2,500 meters above sea level, the soil is covered with snow for a big part of the year, rendering the growing season really short. Harsh conditions make survival demanding for any form of life. However, the mountains are home to a broad and large variety of animals and plants that were able to adapt to the beautiful yet special environment.

To better understand the ecological processes and challenges the alpine life is facing, the Swiss scientists including Prof. Christian Körner and Dr. Erika Hiltbrunner require reliable meteorological data. To collect them reliably, even in the harsh winter season, they use high-class meteorological equipment, mainly from OTT HydroMet. Read the whole story in the latest issue of the Meteorological Technology International.

Meteorological Technology International - April 2021