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Aviation Weather: Reduce Risk in Takeoff & Landing Assessment

Pilots, air traffic controllers and airport operators do their best to make air travel more secure and efficient. However, flight security also depends on external factors we can hardly influence, especially referring to risky weather conditions: strong winds, freezing temperatures, or heavy precipitation can have serious consequences combined with increasing air transport.

Free Whitepaper about Risk Reduction in Takeoff & Landing Performance Assessment

To provide the necessary information to ensure the required safety level especially for takeoffs and landings, the TALPA (Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment) was introduced, defining the process of assessing runway conditions, based on contaminant type and depth. This provides effective means to anticipate the airplane braking performance for airport traffic managers in theory.

How about reality? Learn in our free whitepaper how you can improve both your security as well as your efficiency in TALPA with the help of new measurement technology for runway weather detection.