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Climate Measurement Devices

Climate Gauges for the Industry around the World

Climate conditions are an important factor in today's industrial processes. Lufft has therefore been developing and producing a wide range of instruments to measure environmental variables such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and air pressure. These high quality instruments are used for many different applications throughout the world. Our devices are used to collect data in local weather stations, in agricultural meteorology, the pharmaceutical industry, to check road conditions, and in air traffic control. Our researchers and developers adhere to the same standards of quality which have marked our company's work for more than 130 years.

Digital Weather Stations for Home Use

Even using Lufft climate gauges at home is here to stay. When buying a home, attention should be paid to the external and internal climate as well as the moisture content in the walls. The thermo-hygrometer is used in households as a highly accurate and responsive moisture sensor.

With the high precision hygrometer, climate control can be optimized with a single glance. When temperature and humidity parameters are not met, the unit notifies the user with an audible and visual signal. In addition, minimum and maximum values and the dew point are displayed. The moisture meter can optionally mounted on the wall bracket and can be used in storage rooms, laboratories, offices, schools, or at home.

You can find out more about the high quality climate gauges from Lufft for all types of applications and place your order in the safety and comfort of your home by visiting our online shop.

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