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Data Loggers

Electronic Data Loggers for monitoring Climate Data

Since 1881 G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik has been known as a developer and manufacturer of high-precision climate measuring devices. The company provides both its extensive data collection systems and individual hand-held instruments with the latest data collection technology in the form of intelligent data loggers. Lufft's products measure every kind of climate data required by industry, science, and trade.

Data loggers are used to collect certain data values. The Lufft OPUS20 data logger measures and collects data such as temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, or CO2 concentration. The electronic data logger is primarily used to monitor environments within structures, to control climate-intensive production processes and computer data centers, control panels, wind turbines, calibration laboratories, warehouses, and museums. The SmartGraph3 software automatically reviews data, analyzes it, and activates alarms when thresholds are exceeded.

Uninterrupted Monitoring with Lufft Data Loggers

The Lufft OPUS20E measures variables such as relative humidity and temperature. The two-channel data logger and transmitter have been designed specifically for industrial use, as it has universal connectivity to all sensors. This highly accurate and scalable device is used in industry, research institutions, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry.

In the Lufft online shop you can find data loggers for recording room conditions, relative humidity, instruments and sensors for wind measurement, both simple and highly complex universal temperature measuring devices, and universal road weather stations.

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