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Handheld Instruments

Lufft precise handheld instruments in compact size

Since the founding by Gotthilf Lufft in 1881, G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH has focused on the production of climatological measuring equipment, including the development and manufacture of precision handheld instruments such as the newest X-Generation. Designed in a practical cell phone format, the device's sensors measure environmental variables such as temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit) and relative humidity with absolute precision.

Users of handheld instruments provide very precise requirements for mobile devices. Lufft fulfills these thru intuitive design, easy handling, best workmanship and custom applications. The X-Generation is developed specifically for the mobile working in the 21st Century. Thus, the different models are measurements for service in sanitary, heating and air conditioning business or on sampling, quality and reference measurement in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Lufft XA1000 - The smartphone under the handheld devices

The range of portable instruments is comprehensive and serves a full range of different applications. Decisive for the various uses are mainly the measurable parameter. For the measurement of temperature, humidity, flow or pressure custom mobile instruments are used.

Lufft develops and produces not only handheld instruments for monitoring of individual parameters but also universal devices for professional use in the field of climate research. The handheld device XA1000 is the pioneer of a highly developed instrument series named X(pert) A(dvanced). The smartphone of handheld instruments measures various environmental data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, carbon dioxide and flow. The XA1000 weighs only 205 grams and is 170 millimeters large. Even in extreme weather conditions of minus 20 degrees Celsius to plus 60 degrees Celsius and at a height of 4,000 meters, the handheld instrument provides accurate results.

In the online shop or on the XA1000 micro site you will find all the information and advice on the products and applications by Lufft. Buy Online handheld devices developed and made by experts for the fields of industry, craft and research.

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