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Roadside Weather Station

Intelligent Road Sensors to measure environmental Parameters

When it comes to road safety, the gauge and control technology company Lufft aims for only the highest quality standards. With detailed measurements of environmental variables such as road surface temperature, water film thickness, freezing temperatures, and low temperatures, roadside weather stations measure local weather conditions. This allows precise information about road conditions to be available at all times.

The intelligent road sensors are installed flush to the road or mounted in a non-invasive way above the road and report road conditions by the minute, whether it’s dry, wet, slick, or icy, whether it's sleeting or the road is covered with snow. The data are transmitted with a UMB interface to a digital processing unit (data logger, SPS, etc.).

Safe Travel with Roadside Weather Stations

Roadside weather monitoring stations by G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH in Fellbach can give real-time critical data such as air temperature and humidity, precipitation type and amount, wind direction and speed, air pressure and visibility. A single station consists of an intelligent road sensor, a compact weather station, and a color camera. The data acquisition system transmits not only data, but color photos of individual stations at a rate of several frames per second if desired.

As a specialist for intelligent compact weather stations, we can give you competent and qualified advice on all issues. In Lufft's online store, you will also find digital weather stations for home use or for research purposes. Mechanical and electronic weather stations can be upgraded at any time through our accessories.

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