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COMMUNICATION: One measurement output nomally is the result of several road centimeters. What does the output value within a measurement interval correspond to exactly - the minimum, maximum or average value? Can I also change the setting behind this?

The frequency of the measuring value output is adjustable between an intervall of 100 milliseconds and 5 seconds. Which measurement point is displayed within this interval exactly, can be adjusted by using the road condition model. The related settings are located in the senor devices list, which you can enter via the Bluetooth connection icon on the dashboard display of the MARWIS app. Here you can choose between 6 presets: AVG (default setting), Winter 1, Winter 2, Winter 3, Summer 1 and Summer 2. What the different settings mean exactly, you can find out in the MARWIS manual on page 25f. It is important, that the preset measuring rate match the query rate of the MARWIS, because the values change within this interval.

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