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CONDITIONS: How do I perform a reference measurement with MARWIS' temperature sensor?

Please note the following:
– The accuracy of MARWIS is 0.8K (Kelvin) at 0 ° C
– The accuracy of the reference equipment shall be taken into account
– In case the MARWIS is mounted close to the vehicle’s exhaust pipe, the measurement can be interfered by gases
– Since the MARWIS measures contact-less, the reference device also needs to be contact-less, so that a comparison is possible

– Thermo-elements are no suitable reference instruments
– MARWIS’ measurement spot has a diameter of 20 cm for the one meter version and a 40 cm diameter for the 2m version. In this area, the temperature is averaged. If the reference device has another spot diameter on the ground, it delivers different results.
– Both MARWIS and the reference instrument must be in a thermal equilibrium, so that the temperature measurement is running properly. The MARWIS warmup takes about 10-15min.
– The road should be in a thermal equilibrium as well, thus, there shouldn’t prevail wind, direct sunlight, etc.

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