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HARDWARE: What exactly means the value “relative humidity above the road surface”? Why doesn’t MARWIS measure the relative humidity in the ambient air?

The relative humidity close to the street behaves differently from the one in the ambient air and represents a more exact picture of the actual road weather conditions (micro climate). For instance the question when white frost arises can be answered better with this value. With MARIW 2.0 the relative humidity in the ambient air can be determined as well.

The dew point temperature is the temperature, at which water steam in form of dew or fog separates from wet air. At the dew point the relative humidity counts 100 percent respectively it means that the air is (just) saturated. The dew point temperature for MARWIS is independent from the relative humidity directly above the road surface. This is why it delivers more important data for the road safety than the air temperature.

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