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MOUNTING: How high should the MARWIS be mounted above the ground with the purpose to achieve the best results? Is there a tolerance regarding the mounting height (distance to road surface) in order to achieve the correct measuring data?

The closer MARWIS is installed within a special area, the better are the measurement results. (one and two meters versions).

Tolerance limit for one-meter version: 0,75 – 1,25 m
Tolerance limit for two-meters version: 1,7 – 2,3 m

There are two versions: MARWIS for two meters distances and MARWIS for one-meter distances. The version with one-meter distance is more suitable for road salt vehicles and trucks. The two meters version is optimal for cars. The distance refers to the hypotenuse of the triangle (measuring axis), in which the sensor will be installed (distance between MARWIS glass plate and ground; the measuring axis lies up in the right angle on the glass plate).

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