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SOFTWARE: How to perform a change of an Android device?

MARWIS is able to be connected to one mobile device only. After the first established Bluetooth connection, MARWIS tries to reconnect to the same Android device automatically. Therefore, the currently saved Android device needs to be changed. For this, first make sure that the Bluetooth interface of the previous MARWIS connection partner is disabled or out of reach. Also, check if a valid pairing between the new Bluetooth device and the MARWIS sensor consists (in the system settings of the Android device). To initiate the connection, open the MARWIS app. Then, open the list of available MARWIS through the device connection icon in the upper corner to the right. Please click on the MARWIS with which it needs to be paired. After a short time, the Bluetooth connection is established and the former connection partner in the MARWIS is overwritten.

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