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Connection Cable for SHM31

Connection cable for Snow Depth Sensor SHM31 for power and data, standard length is 15 m
  • 8365.KAB015
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Differences SHM30 - SHM31 Cable

A new connection cable is required for the SHM31 sensor.
The cable type corresponds to the proven supply cable of our ultrasonic wind sensor Ventus and differs from the "Ventus cables" only that an angled Amphenol connector is used on the sensor side instead of the straight connector at the Ventus.

The color coding of the cable connector in the main functions (power supply and RS-485 communication) is now the same like for other Lufft sensors, so the connection is easier for our customers. Furthermore, the new connection cable allows the possibility to pass higher currents for an improved heating power, which the SHM31 needs due to the improved heating.

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Manual - Lufft SHM31 (EN)