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Digital-Analog-Converter DACON8-UMB

Eight-Channel Digital-Analog Converter for all Lufft UMB Sensors

The Lufft-DACON8-UMB (Digital-Analog- Converter) converts up to eight channels into analog output signals. The converter can be used with one or a combination of different UMB sensors. The Lufft-DACON8-UMB uses the UMB protocol of the sensors to read the data and converts the digital data into voltage or current output. In case of having only one Lufft UMB sensor, the combination of the sensor and DACON8-UMB works without any other interface in between. If the Lufft DACON8-UMB has to convert data of more than one Lufft UMB sensor, then every UMB sensor needs a Lufft ISOCON between the sensor itself and the DACON8-UMB, and must be connected to the RS485-bus. In case there are more than eight channels requested by the application, the DACON8-UMB application can work with more than one converter. It is necessary to use one converter per DACON8-UMB.
  • Compact design, easy commissioning, easy software updates, free configuration software
  • 8160.UDAC
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Manual - Lufft - DACON8 - UMB (EN)
Manual - Lufft UMB Config Tool (EN)
Manual - Lufft UMB Protocol (EN)
Manual - Lufft WSxxx weather sensor (EN)
Software - Lufft - ConfigTool .NET
Version 1.6
Software - UMB Config Tool
Video - Digital-Analog-Converter DACON8-UMB - Training
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Power supply 24 VDC ±10 %
Update rate 1 - 10 seconds
Max channels 8
UMB Channels Adjustable
Resolution 16 bit
Permissible load 500 ?
Accuracy ± 0.5 % over the whole range
Current 0 or 4 - 20 mA
Voltage 0 or 2 - 10 V
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DACON8: How does the connection and installation of the Digital-Analog-Transmitter DACON8 work?

In this short video we show you how to connect and install the Digital-Analog-Transmitter DACON8:

To the Training Video of the Digital-Analog-Transmitter DACON8