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Temperature sensor

External temperature sensor with different cable lengts
  • 8160.TF, 8160.TF25, 8160.TF50
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Product variants - Temperature probe

We offer three different cable lenghts you can get the sensor with:

  • Temperature sensor, external, 10m cable
  • Temperature sensor, external, 25m cable
  • Temperature sensor, external, 50m cable
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Dimensions Length 50 mm, Ø 6 mm
Output signal Resistance
Weight 370 g
Cable length 10/25/50 m
Protection type IP67
Connector COMBICON Phönix
Operating temperature -40...150 °C
Operating rel. humidity 0...100 % RH
Accuracy Class A
Principle PT100
Measuring range -50 ... 150 °C
Unit °C
Accuracy ±0.2 K@0 °C
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