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UMB Analog Transmitter ANACON-UMB

UMB Analog Transmitter ANACON-UMB

  • 8160.UANA
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Manual - Lufft ANACON (EN)
Quickstart - Lufft - ANACON (DE/EN)
Version 1
Software - Lufft - ConfigTool .NET
Version 1.6
Software - UMB Config Tool
Video - UMB Analog Transmitter ANACON Training
Video Training - UMB Analog Transmitter ANACON
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Operating conditions
Power supply 12...26 VDC
Power consumption <100 mA
Ambient temperature -30...60 °C
Relative humidity <95 % RH
Protection type IP20
Module width 23 mm
RS232 connector DSUB9
Sensor connector Screw type
Storage conditions
Ambient temperature -40...70 °C
Relative humidity <95 % RH
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ANACON: How does the connection and installation of the Analog Transmitter ANACON work?

In this short video we show you how to connect and install the Lufft Analog Transmitter ANACON:

To the Training Video of the ANACON